How to Lower the Attrition Rate in Your Clinic! 

Do you know the attrition rate in your clinic? Do you know why your patients left?

 Most businesses primarily focus on “how to get new patients” as a way to grow their business.  Believe it or not it costs more to market for new business than it does to keep the ones you have currently. With exceptional customer service you can grow your business through referrals.

 As stated by Solution Reach – A patient relationship management company, “a normal attrition rate for patients is anywhere from 10%-30%.” What makes those patients leave a practice and go to another one? Solution Reach states that 70% (out of that 10% – 30%) of patients that leave, are due to a feeling of indifference.

 Here are a few tips where improvements can be made to show you care!

 1. It all starts from the beginning – Calling for that first appointment can be a little daunting to a new patient. Try not to let that call go to voicemail. Have a live person answer all calls whenever possible. If it goes to voicemail the chances of a call back are slim to none.

2. Send your patients a reminder when their appointment is scheduled. Everyone gets busy in their lives and quite often appointments get forgotten. If you let that appointment go, that patient may never call back to make a new appointment. The best way to send a reminder is to call your patient personally – but texting a reminder is becoming an accepted  as well.

3. Set a follow up appointment with your patient right away while they are checking out from their current appointment. When it is scheduled right away the appointment is now set. Don’t forget your reminder followup!

4. Listen to what the patient is telling you about their situation and be empathetic. Respecting your patient, displaying compassion and follow up with their treatment, all help to make that patient feel like you care.

5. Ask for Feedback from your patients! Nothing validates a patient’s feeling more than asking them for their feedback on the care you and your staff provide. Brief in-clinic surveys are a great way for you to find ways to improve your patient relationships and their overall clinic experience.

6. Educate your patients by informing them of additional services and events you provide. Create 2 minute health tips via Youtube and show it on your TV Channel. You can easily do this with a waiting room channel like The ChiroChannel. Write a blog on your website and invite interaction from viewers and patients. Have a Facebook page and invite your patients to connect and stay informed through social media.

7. Be Kind and SMILE! Your Staff are your Patients’ first impression. Train your office staff to be welcoming and interactive to your patients. Personalization and a nice smile will make your patients feel welcomed and comfortable in you office.

These are just a few main ideas that will help improve your clinic and help to reduce the attrition of your patients. Just break it down to basics and think “how would I like to be treated?”

Kindness, Compassion, and Concern!