Marketing is NOT a Dirty Word! 

 Marketing is NOT a Dirty Word! 

 Marketing is NOT a dirty word, but it is one word that all businesses need to focus their attention to if they wish to grow. A big drawback and even fear is that marketing your business is expensive. It can be, yes, but you can do it affordably.

 Here are 10 marketing tips that will help your business get noticed without breaking the bank:

1. Build an informative and educational website – Building a website takes thought planning. You want your website to be informative but you also want it to be interesting and inviting. Your website should be reflective and as individualistic as your practice. Don’t build it so it looks like everyone else.  Here are some must haves for your website: 

a. Show your own videos on health tips, nutrition, testimonials and other services. Videos show high favor with Google and help with search ability. Click here to learn how to make simple, but effective Youtube videos. Or talk to our friend, Tony Seymour of for a great way to take the hassle out of your own clinic videos!

b. Show your office and therapy rooms. It brings comfort and familiarity to the viewer.

c. Explain what sets you apart from other chiropractic clinics and what benefits do you provide so that viewers will chose your clinic. Trouble figuring out where to start? Watch this great video by Simon Sinek called “Start with Why

d. Embed The Chirochannel into your website. This is a great way to strengthen your brand inside and outside the clinic walls. Email Patty at The ChiroChannel to get the embed code!

e. Use strong keywords about your business in your content. That will help you get searched more effectively. Did you know that Google has a free keyword planner tool that lets you view lists of words and their average monthly search amounts?  Click here to learn how to use it for your own website!

f. Write pertinent and interesting content. Keep your viewer engaged. ASK your patients what was the reason they chose your office? Make a list and establish trends.

g. Be sure you are mobile optimized. 52% of all viewers use mobile applications. You don’t want to miss out on that!

2. Use strong organic SEO – Building a great website is the start but you need to make sure it gets noticed! Get your domain name out there and get listed with the search engines. Below are just some ways to build strong organic SEO.  For a FULL guide, Hubspot is renowned for their up-to-date and detailed, free, SEO Guides.

a. Use strong meta tags – Keywords, descriptions, titles for your pages.

b. Build a sitemap – Not only does it tell your viewers where to go but it shows Google all of the valid pages that are on your website.

c. Get listed in Google Business – So important! Be sure you are found on Google maps, Google business, Google Places. Fill out all the pertinent information like office hours, parking, specials needs and more so your viewers don’t have to hunt for that information.

d. Link your website to other pertinent websites, and other businesses.

e. Request Reviews on Google! Most referrals come from the reviews.

3. Create a Business Facebook Page Click Here to create a Facebook Company page for yourself!  This is not the same as a friend page. A company page allows you to post ads, do promotions, get reviews, use of Facebook Insights and allows you to get your business in front of 1.19 billion viewers. No other source can claim that. Here are some ideas you can do with Facebook:

a. Post Your Own Videos (Health Tips, How Tos, Nutritional, Educational)

b. Inform viewers on seminars and events

c. Provide Healthtips and cross reference to other resources

d. Grow your followers – Get your friends, family and other businesses to like and share your Facebook Page

e. Show personal information (not too personal) – Don’t be afraid to personalize your business page. Viewers like it to be relaxed and inviting to see more posts

f. Post offers and / or specials – Let your viewers know when you have specials going on. Link your post to the special on your website so they get even more information.

g. Ask for reviews on FaceBook – Most referrals come through testimonials and reviews. Facebook allows you to monitor reviews coming to your page.

Facebook Marketing

4. Email Chiropractic Newsletters – Why write a Chiropractic Newsletter? For more exposure of course. Build your email list from your patient listing. Get more information in front of them. For Instance:

a. Tell your patients something new about your clinic or business.

b. Keep them up on health information and tips.

c. Send a survey and ask them for their likes and dislikes about your practice

d. Introduce a new service or Therapy

e. Introduce a new Staff Person

f. Make announcements like holiday hours, office location changes, etc.

g. Include links to your website, blog, Facebook, Instagram account

*MailChimp is also a great place to start for email marketing. They have a free plan too!

g. Include links to your website, blog, Facebook, Instagram account

* For great tips and further learning:Email Newlsetter Marketing

5. Start a Blog or be a guest writer on someone else’s blog – Most websites come positioned with attached blogs. Blogs help to get more in depth information to the public. They don’t have to be super lengthy but the do have to be compelling for your viewers to read. Some blog ideas are listed below:

a. You might do a blog on frequently occurring health issues you are seeing in your practice.

b. Write about health equipment you use in your clinic and why it is beneficial.

c. Give tips on eating healthier

d. Give tips on exercises to do to keep your back healthy.

e. Talk about ways to survive the holidays stress free.

f. Link or add videos to your blog.

* Click here to learn important tips about the Importance of Blogging

6. Sponsor or Provide Health Seminars – Provide lunch and learns for corporations or after hour health seminars.  This is a great way for people to find out about your practice.

a. Provide Brochures with your contact information on it.

b. Provide Plenty of business cards

c. Provide a short questionnaire about interests and have them fill out their email addresses.

d. Offer a free lunch so more people are interested in signing up.

e. Offer a free give aways after a Q and A session

f. Take appointments right at the lunch and learn.

g. Provide additional time after the presentation to talk to attendees in person.

* Click here to learn more about Sponsorship Marketing 

7. Develop a referral program. You might be a little shy to ask your patients for a referral face to face but there are other ways you can do this too. Here are some ideas that could help:

a. Keep a personal connection with your patients. You can maintain a professional relationship and still have a personal connection.

b. Offer incentives in your office for referrals – gift cards, free exam, offer specials on adjustment rates.

c. Have a short in clinic survey about what your patients like and things they could see differently. Ask them if they would be inspired to refer to family and friends.

d. Ask for Referrals on your ChiroChannel with some of our premade slides or create your own. Don’t forget to thank patients for past referrals.

e. Request reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Reviews drive referrals.

f. Have a family day at your clinic and invite your patients to bring family and friends for a free adjustment.

*Click here to learn valuable info about Building a Referral Program

8. Use an Online Appointment Scheduler – With everything digital and people looking to save time, an Online appointment scheduler is a great way to never miss an appointment.  Here are some options:

a. Square

        • Free booking through Instagram App and Google

        • Integrated payment system

        • Auto reminders sent

        • Secure

b. Genbook

      • Free booking through Google and Bing, Social Media Apps(Facebook, Instagram)

      • Integrated payment system

      • Works with Mobile App

      • Sends email and SMS reminders

      • Secure

* Or Try Another: Acuity Online Appointment Scheduler

9. Schedule open houses – Have Family Fun Days or a Ladies Night Out – Make Chiropractic fun  and inviting. Here are some helpful tips:

a. Plan a Saturday or Sunday where you can have an open house at your clinic. Let your neighborhood get a firsthand view of what your clinic is all about.

b. Send out fliers in your local area, put up notices at your local establishments about your event.

c. Invite other establishments to share in the open house and join in the fun and help create more referrals.

d.  Have a Kids Day. Have face painting, a bouncy house, treat bags, offer massages and adjustments.

* Further Reading: Reader Success Stories – Healthcare Open Houses and Events

10. Sponsor local organizations – Get your name out in the community. Let your community know where you are and what your clinic is all about.

a. Sponsor a local soccer team, football team, baseball team

b. Sponsor a local health event in your area.

c. Ask local organizations, schools, and athletic teams if they would like to have a Team Doctor.


These are just a tip of the iceberg. There are many more ideas out there. According to Moving Target marketing:

Informs – Educates the public

Equalizes – Experience over Price

Sustains – Helps to keep your business present

Engages – Keeps a relationship with your patients

Sells- Helps your business to sell its services and products

Grow – Grow your business


So, Marketing isn’t a dirty word. It is a necessity to help your business flourish.