The answer is YES! Most definitely! You may hear people tell you that you don’t and all you need is a website. Quite frankly, you need to do all you can to get your presence in front of the masses and Facebook is the most widely used form of Social Media.

 Masses you say? Yep, As stated by Postplanner, Facebook has 1.19 billion members. That is quite a presence. Now that being said, all of those 1.19 billion members are not your main target but you do have tremendous potential to be more visible. Let’s explore some of the top reasons why you need a Facebook page.

 1. Page vs Profile: Notice I said “Page” above and not profile. In order to have a page you do need to build a profile first. That profile page is where your friends would come to see what is happening in your life. That is where they follow you. From the profile page, you can create a “Business Page.” A business page does not rely on friends to follow you but you want them to LIKE you and to help refer and promote your business page. You should also reach out to other business partners and Like each other’s page. When you attain a certain number of LIkes (usually 100) your business page is upgraded with Facebook Insights . Insights gathers all the data of those that Like you and helps to reveal trends where your viewers are coming from and what they engage with on your Page. This helps to you to build your Target Market.

Thrive Hive – Why You Need a Facebook Page.

 2. Promote Branding: Facebook is a great way to “build your brand.” It allows you to:

a. Create interaction with your audience

b. Create promotions, contests

c. Request Reviews

d. Show images and videos about your business

e. Create Posts that drive viewers to your website

f. Post useful and relevant links

Post Planner – 10 Top Benefits to a Facebook Business Page

 3. Increases Your SEO – How does a Facebook Page do that? Google and other search engines use keywords in the content that help to bring up appropriate searches. So when you build your Facebook page, you want to ensure that you include important information that includes the following:

a. Contact Information – MOST IMPORTANT! You want viewers to be able to contact you always. Phone numbers, email addresses, physical address, web address are a must!

b. Hours of Operation – You want to ensure your viewers know when you are open for business.

c. Reviews and Testimonials – Most businesses get referrals and customers just by having great reviews. Potential customers want to know that others have been satisfied with your products or services.

d.  History – Create a paragraph with content that speaks specifically about your business and how it got started. Use keywords you know viewers will use when searching for your product or service.

e. Coupons and promotions – Google loves businesses that promote themselves and sell products through their Facebook page and website.

f. Calls to Action: Facebook helps to link your viewers to your website to place orders, download coupons, get more information about your business and so much more. Even if a viewer doesn’t order from you, you will still get great click through rates.

The Balance Small Business – Why You Need a Facebook Page for Your Small Business

 4. Gain More Exposure: Facebook gets you in front of your clients and views on a daily basis. Most fans of your page check for posts, videos, and information frequently. It’s a great way to be interactive with your viewers and keep them informed and engaged.

 5. Be Competitive: Trust me… your competition has a Facebook Page! You don’t want to be lagging behind. Start building your page, have your partner businesses Like your page, invite friends and family to Like your page! Pay attention to your Business Page and post frequently. The more you post, the more you interact with your viewers, the more followers you will obtain.

 6. Use Business Tools: Facebook has features that help you build your business and keep track of your followers. It allows you to:

a. Schedule Events – Post your community events with dates, times, and sign ups right on your Facebook page.

b. Manage your Appointments

c. Sell your products

d. Hire employees

 Hopefully, I have given you some pretty convincing facts on why a Facebook Business Page is important. I can’t imagine running a business and not having one! If you already have one, that is great. Perhaps your Page needs some improvements that I have listed above.

 Once you have created or improved your business page, Link it to your ChiroChannel to show LIVE updates from your page to your TV. To learn how, watch this training video, or contact us for a 1 to 1 webinar!”