Be a Master at Achieving Goals!

Did you know that only 8% of people achieve their goals! (Source: University of Scranton 2014: “NewYears Resolutions Statistics”, taken from 5 Golden Rules  Why? Because they lack planning. Making goals is easy but attaining them is where the work comes in. Setting goals give us a direction, a path to help us achieve our dreams and live a happier life, whether through work or our personal lives.

 Many of us fail at achieving our goals because:

  • we set unrealistic goals

  • we underestimate the time to achieve those goals

  • we set goals that are irrelevant

  • we don’t follow up or follow through

  • we make excuses


Here are 6 Steps in becoming a Master at Achieving your Goals.

1. Make your Goals Motivating 

Most important in making resolutions is setting your goals. They should give value to your business or personal life. Set them so they are motivating and you don’t lose interest early on. Envision yourself achieving your goals and how you feel after you have achieved them. Being motivated and excited gets you half-way there already. Some of your goals below may look like this:

i. Set 2020 Marketing plans in place

ii. Bring in ? New Referrals per month

iii. Use the ChiroChannel to Help Promote Business

iv. Get New Billing System Up

 v. Get New Gowns

2. Write Your Goals Down –  (Action for Happiness)

Nothing makes it more permanent than putting something in writing. Be specific with your goals. Detail each Goal with time frame, infrastructure you may need, cost, who else is involved, etc.

 Be Positive! Say things like “I will”, not “I might” or “Maybe I will”! Be direct! Commit yourself if you are writing this down. Detail each goal a bit further.

For Example: 

  1. Set 2020 Marketing Plans in Place

    • Jane will Get Website Updated – Deadline May 2020

    • I will Post to Facebook twice each week.

    • I will Post a personal video to Facebook once per month

  2. Bring in ? New Referrals per month

    • I will create referral reward for June and October

    • I will ask my patients for their referrals daily

    • Jane will create new slides on the ChiroChannel asking for referrals the first Monday of each month.

  3. Use the ChiroChannel to Help Promote Business

    • Jane to create 3 new slides on our Services and products monthly

    • Jane to welcome in clients daily on the ChiroChannel.

    • Jane to refresh and update our ChiroChannel display the first week of every month.


3. Make your Goals Relevant and Attainable

Don’t set yourself up for disaster from the get go. You may not be able to attain 1000 new patients this year so make a goal you are confident you can achieve. Remember that wishing for something and being realistic are two different things. We all have wishes but if there are too lofty, you may have to refocus on a new goal. When you detail your goals, you will be able to determine if that goal is truly attainable.


The Balance

4. Give yourself the appropriate time frame and an end date.

If you notice in my example on Tip #2 I used time frames. Use a calendar and mark your dates when something is to be completed. Having a time frame gives you direction and allows you to see your progress. It is okay if you need to adjust your time frame. Don’t make yourself so rigid but keep on track.

5. Stick with it (Life Hack)

Don’t give up. You have already started and committed yourself so you are already half-way there.  “You can eat an elephant one spoonful at a time.” Take it one step at a time but don’t stop. Picture the end result and imagine how it will feel when you have accomplished your goal!

6. Celebrate a Job Well Done! 

When you hit your goal, Celebrate! Thank those that may have helped you along the way. When you rally in your achievement, it will motivate you for the next goal, not to mention you deserve to pat yourself on the back!


How wonderful are those words? The satisfaction and pride of achieving a goal is so powerful. It makes you feel invincible like you can do anything. And You Can!

 Just Set the Goal Properly!