Change is Inevitable!

The month of March brings us to the end of the First Quarter of the Business year. This is a perfect time to re-evaluate how you did when you set your new goals in January. March is also the month for renewal, growth and change. Spring is in the air and it gives us inspiration to “house clean, start an exercise program, upgrade things in our business, etc.” Which brings us to our topic this month! CHANGE!

option to change
Change is a choice

“Change is an inevitable part of life. Change is also an important part of a business life; it allows a business to adapt to its environment and to improve its market position”.

Don’t be afraid to change in your business. Meet it head on in a planned manner. It is only human to fear the unknown, but if you understand it and identify the need for change, you will reduce your fear and anxiety. Have a positive view to see the potential opportunities you have yet to explore and experience. Keep yourself open to suggestions from partners and coworkers and stay connected with employees, investors, and customers.

There are many reasons why a chiropractic business may need to alter its path. I have listed a few of those below.

Reasons for Change:

  • changes in technology

  • changes in insurance

  • changes in personnel

  • changes in personal needs

  • keeping up with competition

  • re-evaluation of goals set earlier in the year

  • current pathway may not be effective

  • identifying your limitations

  • skills become obsolete or new skills become necessary

 There are also many common barriers that resist change from happening. Most often it is not having sufficient understanding about the change itself and why it is necessary. Sometimes when a change is recognized and needed, there is a lack of leadership. No one has stepped up to start the ball rolling.

Not having a planned process in place or lack of focus on the project can cause the change to come to a standstill. It is best to have an open communication with all involved and assign tasks making sure to follow up to insure tasks are being completed. 

stages of change
Change doesn’t happen over night

As each stage has been achieved, a review should be completed and communicated to all involved. This shows what progress has been made and also reveals the time left to complete the overall change.

 Making a change is very tiring and is often something that requires extra effort – people need to see that this effort is paying off and their contribution is valued.


Breaking down those barriers and setting your process in place will help you to achieve your end goal. See my tips below on how to make the change come to fruition.

Tips on How to Proceed with Change:  (source: Forbes)

  • Keep an eye out for environmental changes in your business: Be aware of how government laws and insurances affect your business. Also, be informed on new techniques that patients might be looking for in your clinic which may require additional education. Keep up on social media trends that affect your marketing.

  • You have to accept the idea of change: If you don’t “let go” of the past you can never move forward in the future. Old processes don’t allow for growth.

  • Prepare and predict with focus on the presence for change: Know where you need to go. As you look ahead, set your procedures in place so that your process moves you forward.

  • Keep an open mind with change.  Don’t have a mindset with a focus on the past. Have a 360 view of your business with a focus on the future.

  • Adapt your timing. Changes don’t happen over night. Small changes happen more quickly, while larger changes happen over time. One step at a time!

  • Watch your competition. What changes have they adopted? What are they doing that you are not? Are they more successful and why? How can you remain competitive?

  • Improve the internal process in your business. Keep your employees educated and capable. Keep your communications open in your clinic so your team is working in your clinic’s best interest and there is a positive flow.

Take a chance on change
Opportunities with change

Don’t be afraid of failure. Welcome it, but don’t accept it. Accepting it, means to give up and quit. When you welcome failure, you have already accepted the need to change your current path to a new direction that will lead you to success.

Continue Moving Forward!

Speaking of Change…when was the last time you updated your ChiroChannel display? Especially with our premade slides in the Community Library, you can do that in a SNAP!

There are Categories for Chiropractic videos, Supplements, Ways to Ask for Referrals, Chiropractic quotes, Chiropractic and Kids, and so much more. You have full access to use them all. Once you bring them into your dashboard you can also edit them to be more customized to your clinic. With the change of the seasons, it is a great time to update your channel.