Staying “Present” with Your Chiropractic Business and Your Patients

“Staying Present or Mindful is to be awake and aware. Aware of thoughts and emotions moment by moment, aware of what’s happening around us and how we’re reacting to it. Aware of our bodies. And aware of how our behavior influences our outcomes. It’s the opposite of the way most people live — lost in thought, unconscious of their surroundings, mindlessly repeating destructive patterns without attention to what they’re doing. ” (Chiropractic Economics)

Being mindful in your business has its benefits. It can reduce anxiety, increase productivity, and can contribute to a greater sense of presence. Teaching your patients to be “present or mindful” during their adjustments is also very beneficial. Let’s examine these situations a little more closely!

YOUR BUSINESS (Cornerstone Dynamics)

mind full or mindful
mindful or mind full

1. Increase Productivity – Taking some time before we start the day to focus on the events for the day keeps us more targeted for the tasks at hand. When we are not being mindful, we find that when we try to accomplish one task, our mind has already floated off to the other tasks. This makes us feel overwhelmed and unable to complete our tasks. How often has your brain just jumped from thought to thought? Mindfulness takes over and pulls us back to the present moment and allows us to stay on task.

2. Reduces Anxiety – Stress and anxiety are brought on by thinking of negative future scenarios. Stressing about situations that haven’t happened yet is pointless, but mindfulness pulls us back to the present and reminds us that these things haven’t happened and may never happen. How many sleepless nights have you had worried about bills not getting paid, or poor sales figures, when you could be focused on the warm, comfortable bed you are in right now? Mindfulness can help us reduce those nights of insomnia.

3. Better Patient Interactions – When you are in your adjusting rooms with your patients, are you “staying present” with your patient? Are you giving the best care you can give your patient or is your mind drifting off to other things you have to get done during the day. Your patient will certainly have a positive interaction with you if you are paying attention to your patient during their adjustment appointment.

How to Be Present in Your Business!
It boils down to adopting the philosophy of being present and taking a disciplined approach to stay with it. As you encounter various business situations take the following steps to be present:
Step 1. Stop, assess how present you are?
Step 2. Re-acknowledge your commitment to being present.
Step 3. Focus completely on your breathing for a few moments. Allow yourself to become centered, focused on the now and grounded.
Step 4. Engage in business activity.


Do you have patients that come late to appointments, who don’t follow home care instructions, who have no self awareness of their bodily positions or posture? Teaching your patients to be more mindful will help your practice and also their treatments.

When Patients tense up or don’t focus on the adjustment they aren’t receiving the full value of the treatment. Mindful patients can relax and focus through their treatments, thereby gaining all its benefits.

You can help teach your patients how to meditate. It really can be as little as 10 minutes per day. Using these steps anytime you or your patients feel anxious or stressed can help you to regain control and be more calm.







  • Sit comfortably and upright with your back straight, arms comfortably in your lap.
  • Keep your eyes and your mouth closed.
  • Take a few “cleansing breaths,” forgetting your cares.
  • Commit to using this time for self-inquiry, not thought.
  • Focus on your breath as it enters and leaves your nostrils.
  • Don’t try to change anything you notice. Accept it as it is.
  • Maintain perfect awareness and perfect equanimity throughout this process.
  • Begin to become aware of the sensations over your body. Move your attention up and down your body, noticing whatever arises.
  • If you become bored, distracted, frustrated or overwhelmed, realize that these, too, are just sensations. Observe them as you do all others.

How Can the ChiroChannel Help to Teach Mindfulness?

  1. Create slides that support relaxation techniques.
  2. Create a slide that directs your patients to relax for the next 20 seconds and focus on breathing (Use our new page timer to show the countdown!)
  3. Create a slide that directs your patients to ask you more information about meditation and mindfulness.

When I go to my Chiropractor for my adjustments, I am much more mindful. I relax and focus on how my body feels before, during and after treatments. I feel more refreshed when I leave and actually my mind feels rested and rejuvenated.