Referrals are probably the most valuable and true type of client/patient you could want. A “qualified” referral is someone who is already interested in your business or service and has come to you under the advice from one of your satisfied, existing client/patient.

Getting a qualified referral takes a little practice and some planning. We would all be thrilled if they just filtered into the office, but most of us are looking for referrals that will continue to use our services and become long-lasting clients/patients. That takes a little more focus. We need to make sure that we tell our current patients what we are looking for.

Here are some ways that will help take the anxiousness out of asking for referrals!





1. Reach Out to the Right People (Referral Rock)

a. Longtime patients you have a personal connection with.

b. Patients you share common interests with.

c. Patients who use many of your services.

d. Patients who are pleased with the care they have been given.

2. The “Ask” Should Feel Natural   (Referral Rock)

a. There is always a correct time for everything. Asking for a referral shouldn’t be forced or the first thing you talk about.

b. Ask Patient for a referral when they are feeling happy about their therapy time.

c. Providing a specialized service or therapy? Ask Your Patient if they know of anyone who could benefit from this as well.

3. Set Goals for Yourself (Thrive Hive)

a. Set a certain number of referrals you would like to attain monthly.

b. Create a plan on how you will ask for your referrals.

i. By mouth

ii. Social Media

iii. Email Marketing

iv. Direct Mail

c. Follow up on Referrals.

d. Thank the person who gave the referral. Make it worth their while by offering incentives.

4. Offer Exceptional Service

a. Go the extra mile. Stay open an extra 15 minutes for a deserving patient.

b. Send a personal thank you note.

c. Provide honest recommendations for additional services.

d. Give your patients a voice. Ask for their feedback on how you can improve your services.

e. Show your appreciation for their referrals.

5. Educate Your Patients on Your Business/Services

a. Use Your ChiroChannel to advertise a new service or therapy.

b. Create a slide on the ChiroChannel about your Referral Program.

c. Thank your patients for their referrals using pre-made slides from our Community Library on your ChiroChannel Dashboard.

d. Make your contact  and website information easily accessible.

6. Create a Patient Incentive Plan.  (

a. Offer a gift card for a referral.

b. Offer a free product or discount at your clinic

c. Offer a discount through social media for a qualified referral.

d. Create a referral program – the more referrals the greater the discount.

7. Network, Network, Network (Thrive Hive)

a. Get connected and join like groups on LinkedIn.

b. Join a Networking group like After 5, BNI or the Rotary.

c. Volunteer for community events.

d.  Be Active and personal on Facebook and Other social Media.

8. Most Important, Reciprocate!  (Thrive Hive)

a. Give back to community. Sponsor an event or athletic team.

b. Provide Free Lunch and Learns.

c. Provide a Family day with Freebies.

d. Make referrals to other businesses.

As with any business intention, there has to be a Plan, a Goal and a Followup.  The same goes for your Referral Program. Make this as fun and as engaging as you can.  Your patients and your business partners are the core of your growth. Help them to recognize the value in your business and clinic!


At The ChiroChannel, we love referrals too!  We’re pleased to give big discounts for those that pass our name on to others!