Back Up the Bus!

Well, it is that time of year again! Back to School. The media already started showing ads for school supplies and fall clothes back in July! The retail industry gets a jump on the market way head of time, even before any of us are ready! We are all still enjoying our summer vacations, and trying not to think about the routine of the school year yet.

 However, the end of August and early September is always preparation time to plan for the new school year. We are getting our routines in place to accommodate all the activities our kids are in, both social and scholastic. At this planning time don’t forget about the health of your children. What “healthy and easy to grab” foods can we provide for them? What sports will they be participating in? Setting appropriate bedtimes for the school year. What emotional situations may they encounter this year?

 An annual checkup with your family physician or your Chiropractor can help you with those decisions. This is really over and above just a “sports exam”. Your family physician or Chiropractor can build a history of your child’s overall health through the years and help to advise on the needs of your child as they grow older. They consider the Overall Health of Your Child; physically, mentally, emotionally and nutritionally.

 So, before your kids get on the bus for school this year, get an appointment scheduled with your doctor or Chiropractor and get them prepared for the New School Year!