Spring Clean Business

We all have some extra time on our hands lately, and I don’t know about you, but the extended daylight hours and the more frequent days with temps above 40 gets me motivated to start spring cleaning my house. I love the smell of fresh air, fresh linens, and clean bright rooms. However, I also get that way with my business. I get the itch to clean my office, do some filing, go through emails, etc. I clean off my desk, get rid of old bills, and yes, even dust it. An uncluttered desk, helps to unclutter my mind.

But why stop there? There are other parts of your business that you should look at to do some spring cleaning. Why you ask? For the same reasons as your home. Some places in your business haven’t been looked at in years and need a good “cleaning” as well.

  • Your Website Presence
  • Your Social Media Presence
  • Your Internal Staff
  • Your Clinic Supplement Area
  • Your Clinic Internal Area – Create Blank space to draw attention to other important areas of your clinic…like your ChiroChannel.
  • Your Business Plan

Just pick a few things that might make the biggest difference in your business. And remember, if you don’t get it all done for spring, keep going. It’s never too late to improve your company.

1. Spruce up your

    • Update the Cosmetic Look to your website. Inviting colors, pictures and the right font will entice the viewer to go through your website.
    • Clean up content. Make your content easier to read. Make the font size large enough to read comfortably, use more bullet points.
    • Get rid of old information that doesn’t apply and add new content that is more relevant.
    • Create Call to actions to pull your viewer into the important areas of your website.
    • Make your shopping cart and your query forms easy to fill out and complete.
    • Update the Keywords in your website. You might have to do a little research with this one, to see what keywords viewers are using for information on your website.

2. Update or Start Up your Social

    • Add a Facebook page for your business. This starts an interaction with your customers and viewers. It drives business to your website and eventually turns followers into customers. It also acts as a passive referral system.
    • Include an Instagram account. Showing a personal side with the professional side creates a comfortableness with the viewers and customers.
    • A LinkedIn Account is really a must for any business. This allows you to connect and network with other businesses in your field. It is always beneficial to know what your competition is doing.

spring clean

3. Spring Clean Your Internal

    • Start with your waiting room. Keep it neat and uncluttered. Create blank spaces to draw attention to important areas of your clinic; like your Supplement Area and your ChiroChannel.
    • Pay attention to your Supplement area. Are you rotating stock, dusting and promoting certain products? Don’t forget you can Cross Promote your Products on your ChiroChannel.
    • Therapy and Treatment rooms. Keep them Cleaned, uncluttered and sanitized.
    • Last but not least, ensure the bathrooms are sanitized and thoroughly cleaned daily.

The ChiroChannel



4. Freshen up Your ChiroChannel Display – The

  • Get rid of old slides
  • Build new folders and organize your slides
  • Do Qs and As about your business on your slides.
  • Post new videos. Make your own and add them to the channel.
  • Magazines are germ carriers. Dispose of them. Draw more attention to your display.
  • Ask us for ways to keep your display fresh.


5. Internal

  • Uniforms are cleaned and unwrinkled
  • Personal hygiene is kept up.
  • A Smile and welcoming disposition is not to be overlooked.
  • Perhaps a reshuffle of staff to meet staffing needs is necessary.
Spring Clean Business Plan
Business planning

6. Spring Clean Your Business Plan – Zimmer Communications

  • Times Change and so will your business plan.
  • Are your goals still the same or have they changed?
  • Have your means changed to attain those goals?

We hope these tips set you up for continued success this year. When things run efficiently, it means more time for you to focus on growing your business.