Pick of the Crop

Boy, I don’t know about you but this summer we have been taking advantage of the fresh veggies and fruits that are distributed to our area.  There is nothing like making a delicious fruit salad or grilling corn on the cob from one of the local farmers.

Many of our grocery stores get deliveries right from our local growers so you know you are getting great produce and it isn’t shipped in from other states.  This of course helps the local farmers with their business but allows us as the customer to have the “Pick of the Crop”.

We also have several Farmer’s Markets that are open twice per week in our surrounding towns.  Our farmers and  local vendors bring in their produce to large market stands in the cities as well as other  home made products. This gives you an opportunity to actually meet them and get more information on how they grow their crops and make their products.

We know this season doesn’t last all year long, so take advantage of your local farmer’s markets, your country road farmer’s stand, and your local grocers. Eat Healthy, and Buy Local.


How do we make an impact on other’s lives? How do you create a connection between yourself and your patients ? As a business owner, we quite often take the lead and ask all the questions. Whether we are talking to a patient or a client, we are always trying to see how can our services can benefit them. This is a good practice of course and we try to make our client’s / patients feel comfortable with us, but have you ever thought of sharing your own story and why you got into your practice?

Was it because of an injury? Was it because one of your parents started the business and you are taking it over? Was it because you loved working with patients / clients and you wanted to make a difference in their lives? You can connect with others by letting them know what inspired you to become a business / practice owner. I think it gives your patients something to relate to. Your patients / clients will have something tangible to connect with and probably give them a better understanding about your clinic and your services.

I stated in my first blog that I started with the ChiroChannel to help my son with his business but after I hurt my back and experienced the relief I was given by his chiropractor, that inspired me to join the ChiroChannel business. Now after working with the ChiroChannel for the past 6 years and researching about Chiropractors and Chiropractic, I have become an advocate of their mission and want to help them spread the word of the Benefits of Chiropractic. I often ask the chiropractors I meet, what inspired them to become a Chiropractor. Many times it is an injury or illness that inspired them. Others it was because of the love of sports and they wanted to help athletes. Even others, it was because a family member started the practice and they took it over. But it gave us a connection, something we could both relate to.

Fear of the Chiropractor

So, how many of you have a fear of going to the Chiropractor?  I would have raised my hand several years ago, but I wouldn’t now!

The visions of someone “cracking” your spine or twisting your neck made me nervous. (Chiropractors don’t really do that!) Just the thought of having back pain and someone putting pressure on my injury made me cringe. I really didn’t understand what Chiropractic was all about.  I knew it was supposed to make you feel better, but I couldn’t even imagine it! Until one day when I really hurt my back so bad that I couldn’t sit, sleep on my back or even put my clothes on.

I was on my way to visit my son, Alex, in MN and drove 6 hours in my car pretty much without stopping. When I got there, we went to a baseball game and I sat in one of those saggy camping chairs for 2 hours.  When I got up from the chair, my lower back hurt terribly.  As the minutes past, the pain grew stronger and stronger where I could hardly walk back to the car or even sit in the car.  Alex was very concerned about me and I thought I was going to end up in the hospital that night.  He got me to his apartment, gave me some Aleve and said he was taking me to his chiropractor in the morning.  I slept sitting up all night because I couldn’t lay down. That morning he called his Chiropractor and told him my situation. He asked if he could get me in right away that morning.  Alex also had an appointment that morning. To tell you the truth I was petrified.

Somehow, I got my clothes on and we both went to his chiropractor.  I sat in on my son’s adjustment to see what it was all about.  His doctor was very caring and manipulated my son’s back and neck.  I watched, and the tears rolled out of my eyes, because I was in so much pain I couldn’t even imagine anyone touching my back. But Alex sighed a comfortable sigh and said “See, it is that easy.”

Alex’s doctor brought me into his X-ray area and took a full series of X-rays to make sure there wasn’t something else going on. He showed me on the X-ray that my spine was not aligned. He brought me into the adjustment room and put me on a tilt table. I was afraid, but I trusted Alex’s doctor so much and thought, I can hardly move now and if he helps me with the pain, it is all worth it.

Well, I had my very first adjustment.  Oh my gosh, I will tell you that the relief was instant. That severe shooting pain in my back and down my leg was gone.  I could stand up straight.  I literally burst into tears and hugged Alex’s chiropractor and thanked him over and over. I couldn’t believe the pain had subsided.  My muscles were a little sore because I was compensating for the pain, but as the day went on they loosened up quite a bit too.

Well, I lost my fear of Chiropractic. Now, I go regularly to get adjusted. I have educated myself on the great benefits of Chiropractic over the last several years and how it helps to keep your body healthy.  I believe in educating yourself and getting a consultation with a Chiropractor to hear what it is and what the benefits are.  A good Chiropractor will take their time to ease you of any fears and will answer all your questions.

Don’t be Afraid of Chiropractic!  It is a practice that will help your body to heal and help you to feel better! It Does a Body Good!

We All Have a Beginning!

I have always been fascinated by how businesses got started.  What was the vision? What compelled that person to start their own business?  There was obviously a need somewhere. But starting your own business is such a risk and most people don’t want to take it.  So it had to be a strong enough push to make that decision happen.

The first 25 years of my work life have been working for other companies.  From administrative, to office management, to inside sales and marketing.  For the most part, these were jobs I did because I had to work.  I enjoyed parts of them, but really didn’t feel satisfied in what I was doing. Nor did I often feel appreciated for the hard work I provided.

One day my cousin asked me if I would like to work at home in my pajamas!  I laughed and said “who wouldn’t?” She suggested doing web design at that time. Well, I had no training in it, so of course I was going to have to go to school or teach myself.  Plus, that meant actually starting my own little business and I had no experience in that either.  But what I did have was experience in many different areas that once pulled together I thought, “I could actually do this!”

Throughout those 25+ I was honing myself for my new adventure as a web designer. I never knew it.  I had enough background and tenacity to continue my education to learn about webdesign (I taught myself) and to learn how to start a business.  It wasn’t hunky dory all the time, but the idea of going back to work for someone else actually pushed me to keep moving forward.

I am really pleased to say that I have personally owned my own business for over 11 years now. And I must also say, that I LOVE what I do. Doing web design has also allowed me to meet hundreds of small business owners in my local area and I get to hear how they got started.  Those stories helped to inspire me to “Bring Their Business’s to Life” via the website.

During this time, my youngest son Alex, had graduated from college with a marketing and entrepreneurial degree and he started his own business as well. (I would love to say I was the inspiration but he was inspired when he was little). It is a digital signage business and is growing at an impressive rate. While he was working on building his business he injured his back and went to a Chiropractor for adjustments. Alex was impressed by how Chiropractic helped him to heal and feel better. (By the way, he goes regularly now). He wanted to help his Chiropractor and other chiropractors, from all over, “get their Message out to the public” about the benefits of chiropractic.  Here it is…”The Need!” Alex started The ChiroChannel! It is a Premier Waiting Room Channel for Chiropractors.

That business started to grow and Alex couldn’t take on both businesses full time.  He called me and asked if I could help with the graphics.  Of course I said yes!  Long story short, I am now the Executive Director for the ChiroChannel and managing the business.  I will say it again!  I LOVE what I do!  My web design has helped me get to this point in my life.   I enjoy meeting new Chiropractors from all over. They have their story and why they started their Chiropractic Business.  So with the ChiroChannel, I can help them to “Bring Their Chiropractic Business to Life!”

You never know where the building blocks of experience will bring you!  But you do have to have a beginning.