Reassuring Your Patients During a Pandemic

It has been several months now that our world has been affected and infected by Covid-19. Not only has this been a grave health issue but a mental one as well. Many of us have seen businesses go out of business, people losing jobs, loss of life, loss of sense of family and friends due to social distancing and quarantine, and so much more.

Not to mention the lack of understanding of the virus, the time it takes to find a vaccine, or the time it takes to test the populous, all leads to worry. Every time you turn on the TV or look at your smart phone you are getting Covid updates. It is hard to get away from this.

This has led to a very stressful, even depressing, situation for many. Some people handle these situations better than others, but we put together some helpful tips you can offer to your patients to help get them through this difficult time.






1. Get the Facts and Stick to ItCDC Mental Health and Coping During a Pandemic – There are so many opinions and nonscientific information out there. There are also predictions or infiltration models, not actual numbers. Keep yourself educated so that you can pass that onto your patients. Stop all the rumors from causing more stress.

2. Offer Ways to Reduce StressCDC Mental Health and Coping During a Pandemic

  • Take Deep Breaths, Meditate, Stretch,
  • Exercise, and get plenty of sleep
  • Eat Healthy and limit alcohol and drugs
  • Limit your viewing of the TV, social media, reading news stories of the pandemic
  • Do Activities that you enjoy
  • Get involved in volunteering
  • Connect with your family and friends and those that lift you up.







3. Tell Patients the Steps You are Taking to Stop the Virus in Your Clinic

  • Post signs in the office to ensure your safety process is clear. There should be a sign on your door stating if patients have a fever, or any related symptoms to COVID, they may not enter.
  • Everyone must wear a mask – staff and patients.
  • Place distance markers on the floor for a safe waiting line.
  • Have hand sanitizer readily available
  • Remove magazines. They are number one germ spreaders
  • Washing your hands in between patients
  • Sanitizing adjusting tables and therapy rooms
    Scheduling appointments and no walk ins
  • Design a waiver that patients must sign to acknowledge there are unavoidable health risks

4. Keep Your Website Up to Date With Current InformationCalChiro

  • Keep current with your office hours
  • How your office is handling its service during this time
  • Keep contact information current and available







5. Share Your Information Through Social Media – CalChiro

  • Facebook is a great way to get information out to your patients and other viewers. Posting at least 2 times per week with updated information will keep your patients informed quickly and easily.
  • Instagram is another great way to show videos and pictures about ways to protect yourself and what your office is offering to keep your patients safe.







6. Encourage Live Chat, Phone Calls or Emails CALCHIRO- KEEP PATIENTS CALM DURING A PANDEMIC

  • You can use Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and more to personally reach out to patients via the internet.
  • Send out ENewsletters! You can do this using MailChimp, Constant Contact or other forms of providers.
  • Schedule times to talk to patients via the phone. You may have some patients that don’t have the internet, and you may have to reach out the old-fashioned way.









7. Use the ChiroChannel to Educate and Inform Patients

  • Create slides that show how to practice social distancing, how to wear a mask effectively and properly sanitize.
  • Create your own videos on the important role Chiropractic has on keeping your immune system strong during a pandemic.
  • Create slides showing what your practice is doing to keep your patients safe.

These are scary times for everyone. With all of the media exposure out there and at times getting mixed messages, you have the opportunity to reassure your patients they are safe and well cared for.