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  • What Kind of TV Do I  Need?

    Almost any Flat Screen TV manufactured in the last 5 years will work with our Channel. You do NOT need a smart TV to run our channel...in fact, you don't even need a cable TV service!  However, you do need Internet in your clinic and a flat screen with an HDMI connection. We  also recommend that you place your TV on a wall that will not get sun reflection as well.

  • Do I Need a Computer?

    We provide the TV computer box!  You don't have to buy your own. In fact, we prefer you don't. Our TV boxes are covered for a full year warranty. We also provide a hand held keyboard remote that will allow you to access the computer box when you need to.

  • Can I Have More Than One TV That Shows The ChiroChannel in my Clinic?

    Yes, you may have as many TVs as you see fit in your clinic. We can run The ChiroChannel on all of your TVs. You can also have several different channels showing on each TV.  For Instance, you can have one channel playing your branded playlist, but if you have a therapy room you can have a channel that shows exercise videos and slides that assist your patients while in their therapy session. Please talk to us about discounted pricing for multiple TVs and locations.

  • Can I Hard Wire My TV Box? What Abut WIFI?

    Yes, you can hard wire your TV box.  In fact, this is recommended because it provides the most reliable Internet connection.  Any electronics store can provide a USB to Ethernet Adapter, which can plug into the USB port on your box. Then, your Internet cable from your router will connect perfectly to the adapter.


    You can also use your WIFI in your clinic as long as you connect your box to the business WIFI and NOT the guest WIFI.


    Feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

  • What If I Lose Internet Connection?

    Your ChiroChannel caches the playlist. This means that it stores the playlist in memory and will continue to play for several hours.  Once the Internet connection is restored the Channel will continue playing until the end of day. We monitor our clients' displays on a daily basis to insure your displays are running at their optimum.

  • Can I Have More Than One Channel Playing in My Clinic?

    Yes, you may have more than one channel playing in your clinic.  If you have multiple TVs and boxes,  you can create different playlists, videos, etc to play on each of those TVS. Please talk to us about discounted pricing for multiple TVs and locations!

  • Do I Have to Be in the Office to Update My Channel?

    One of the greatest benefits of the ChiroChannel is that you DO NOT need to be in the office to update your channel.  You can update it from home, on vacation, any time of day or night!  You receive your own ONLINE Account that you can access from anywhere you have Internet.  We provide you with your own personal login, your own library of slides, videos, templates, apps, and more.  You can create as many slides as you like for your channel and customize it specifically to your Chiropractic Business.

  • Do I Need Special Software to Create My Own Slides  and Messages?

    You Do Not need special software to create slides and messages. As mentioned above, we provide you with your own ONLINE account that is fully featured with designing apps and much more.  However, that being said, you can create flyers, message boards, images, photos, etc from other personal software and upload those into your online library. You can be as creative as you like.

  • Can I Use You Tube Videos and Vimeo Videos?

    Yes, you can use YouTube and Vimeo Videos.  Your Online Account comes with those featured apps.  The are very easy to use and play beautifully on your TV.  You can even choose to use Closed Caption for those who are hearing impaired or if you turn off the sound on your TV.  You can even use those Videos as Backgrounds for your playlists on the Channel.

  • Can I Play My Own Videos?

    Absolutely!  In fact, what a great way to bring your Chiropractic story to life by using your own videos!  It gives your waiting room that personal touch and serves as an educational tool by reinforcing your therapies and services. You can use your videos as MP4s or you can upload them to your Youtube or Vimeo account and then use those apps to play those videos.

  • Is The ChiroChannel Available Outside the USA?

    Yes ,The ChiroChannel is available to clinics all over the World. We currently have 16 Chiropractic Clinics in the Philippines.  However, at this point in time, our general library of slides and information is ONLY available in English, and there maybe a different process for setting up the TV player device outside the USA. Call us with your specific needs and we will be happy to work with you.

  • Can I Have a Video Background?

    Yes, you can have a video background!  In fact, how awesome would it be to show a crackling fire and soft holiday music playing in the background during the Christmas Holidays?  In your therapy room you can have a video of the outdoors with a gentle river flowing with soft music playing in the background. This is a great way to bring your waiting room to life!

  • What Is The Recommended Length of Time Should I Set My Display?

    The loop time of The ChiroChannel is completely under your control. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend setting your channel to loop at least twice during your average client wait time.  For example, if the average client is in your waiting room for 5 minutes, set your playlist to loop every 2.5 min. for a little repetition.  Then use our scheduling features to keep the content automated and fresh for every visit.


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